Saturday, January 26, 2008

From far far away

Sasha just got a postcard from Claudia, an AIESEC Halifax member from 2006-07. It is always really cool to hear from our alumni. Claudia is curently in Spain.

Alumni, if you're out there, we want to hear from you!

Monday, January 07, 2008


The old EB at National Congress 2008 in Montreal (Sean, Sasha, Adam, Woon, and Bryan)

Just in time to kick off the 50th anniversary of AIESEC in Canada, some of the old EB met in Montreal. We miss the 2 of you all the way out west, too bad we were too drunk to give you a call. Talk to you very soon Fama and Cristy!

Big Jokers

Yeah, I didn’t make it out…one night out of 100, haha, very funny guys!


Sasha’s and Cristy’s visit.

Sasha came back, all the way from Toronto. We went out for dinner at one of her favorite spots: Opa! I got there very late, and everyone else had already finished eating, but it was cool to be back there with everyone, even just for a little bit. It was weird, because everything sort of came full circle. It was the same restaurant where she told us that she got the job as RVP. Only a few short months ago, all the EB had sat there eating, and Sasha had this discouraged look on her face, and we kept bugging her to tell us, and she wouldn’t check her phone, and then we found out she was going to Toronto. Now we were back in the same place, and so much had changed. After everyone finished eating we argued (as usual) whether to go to Second cup or Starbucks. At Second cup I got an awesome drink, and we settled into a table way at the back to just talk. We found out all about what it’s like living in the MC house, who was dating who, what LCs were doing well, etc. Sasha also wanted to know how things were going back home.

A few months later we had another visitor. Cristy came back (very last minute), all the way from Calgary. Some people really don’t change. Only a couple days before the weekend, I got a call saying my favorite Mexican would be home for a couple days and I had to clear my schedule. Well she brought the cold Calgary weather with her. We decided to go to another one of our favorite restaurants. I was the first to arrive at Baan Thai, even though everyone else assured me they were on their way. To my surprise, Cristy was the second person to arrive. It was awesome to see her. We got a table and Woon, Sean, and Bryan joined us upstairs. We all shared some amazing platters, and one of my new favorite entrees is now Pad thai. Cristy told us all about life in the happening city of Calgary, showed off her graduation pictures, and explained her dilemma with furniture. We missed Fatimah, hopefully she can come home to visit soon. Good luck out west! Maybe next time we hear from you, you can tell us all about the ghetto transit system, and how you now have furniture.

Not too spicy!

For our end of the year awards night we took over an awesome Thai restaurant just off Spring Garden Road. Baan Thai hosted us for an amazing Thai dinner, where only a couple dishes were too spicy, the food was great. The awards were handed out to some very deserving members, one for each of AIESEC’s values (Living diversity, Acting sustainably, Striving for Excellence, ……..). The new EB and the membership also presented the old EB with a plaque with all of our names and positions. This was a really cool treat. Each year the names of all the EB will be added to the plaque.

National Leadership Development Conference 2007 Ryerson

A conference all about personal growth and leadership development saw members of AIESEC Halifax take a quick tour of Toronto and Niagara falls before this awesome conference started at Ryerson. The EB was finally reunited with Sasha, and we missed Fatimah a lot, wish you could have been there! The new EB really stepped up and showed everyone how it’s done. This was a really great conference. I got to kick-back and not be responsible for a portfolio. I also tried to really challenge myself and get motivated in my new role as Local Alumni Coordinator. I learned a lot about ER and what they do, and we really tore up that track.
Some highlights include:

-going to the MC office, but it was closed
-Sean with a purse and Cristy with Peter Mansbridge
-Kensington market, Korean Bbq, and the Musuem of Natural history
-the Horseshoe tavern, and trying to lose people at McDonald’s afterwards
-crazy bus rides to Niagara Falls, and our bus getting pulled over by the OPP
-AIESEC in lights on Bay street
-winery tours with lots of wine
-the Canadian Horseshoe falls, Boston Pizza, and practicing our dance in a very public place
-Donkey Riding, ghetto style
-street meet
-amazing closing banquet, and everyone breaking into the same dance and freaking the DJ out
-only JK running for MCP, tough elections, still winning, and lots of ice cold water
-W&A scavenger hunt all over downtown
-crazy story about all cities from Victoria to St. John’s from an alumni
-guest-facilitating the newbie track: all about Exchange!
-causing some havoc in Er with Alex and Kristan and others
-taking all of our luggage on the TO transit system, just for a cheap ride to the airport
-almost losing Cristy at a random suburban bus stop, until Fatimah finally saved her

Can’t wait for the next conference!

Big city living, Farewell Sasha!

Sasha and Sean hosted a chilly barbeque to wish Sasha off to her new job in Toronto. Sasha will be the Regional Vice President for AIESEC in Canada. She will travel all over the West and Atlantic regions couching various local committees. Before she left, we all had an awesome barbeque and a couple drinks. After everyone was too cold to be outside anymore, despite whatever hard liquor they were drinking, we all moved inside. Sean broke out the board games, and we all got pretty intense in a game of spoons. It was way too hard to concentrate though with bright lime green walls. We continued to drink in the living room instead. See you on your next RVP visit Sarsh!

Take it or leave it: EB does Handover

The handover ceremony got off to a great start with lots of AIESEC members in attendance to witness this special event. The EB VPs made Sasha a nice picture mobile, which was Woon’s idea. In true last minute fashion, we working on it right up until the GA started. Woon tirelessly removed bits of cardboard to give the frames a nice finishing touch. This was a great way to cap off out year, and thank Sasha as LCP for all of her hard work and inspiration. Everyone got to take photos of the EB-otches, and then things were given over to the new EB. Everyone’s goal was to make everyone else cry, just a little.

Celebrations continued at the Gorsebrook, for the tradition of Open mic night on Wednesdays. Cristy surprised everyone when she whipped a “Dome” shirt out of her purse, just incase the mood struck her to continue the party. After we were well on our way to a good buzz off Gorsebrook draft (Where’s Abdul with the tequila?), we headed on the bus downtown to the Dome. Things escalated quickly here, but everyone had a good time with cheap drinks and tearing up the dance floor. Best of luck to the new EB!