Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Last GA of the Year

Haha, thanks to everyone who cam out to the last GA to make it a really great evening. It was awesome to share our big trophy with everyone, even if some people got out of hand! haha...Good luck to everyong who's moving on to the real world. Hopefully see a lot of you over the summer, if not, have a good one, and see you back in September for the first GA of the year!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Society of the Year!!!

AIESEC Halifax recently won the Saint Mary's University Student's Association - Charter Day Society of the Year! Wahooo, we couldn't be more excited and more thrilled. What a great way to close off a great year. It is really fulfilling to be recognized on campus as really making a difference, and being appreciated in general. We have had some rough times, and a lot of obstacles to cross to get where we are now. from a society at the first of the year with a dedicated EB and only a few returning members, and a plan, we recruited and maintained over 50 active members. Some highlights mentioned at the awards ceremony include sending members to 3 conferences across Canada, in Ottawa, Edmonton, and Toronto, having the President (Sasha) moving to Toronto to work for the MC, partnering with external companies for our Global Internship Program, $5000 from Clearwater, weekly meetings focused on learning, culture, and world issues, among others. Thanks to everyone for making all of our successes this year possible.

Sean and I also won awards for community involvement, Cristy won a Silver M, and Sasha won the unsung hero award. wooot @Hali represent!

Stakeholder Reception

Thanks to everyone that helped out with this, and to the externals who were able to make it, Shani, Peter and Dr. Dodds and his wife, and all the members too. I hope this was a great kick-off to the alumni campaign, and can be even more successful next year.


So we are such a good EB, that we figured we could take all 7 of us in one picture by ourselves. And, after several tries, some shouting, and a lot of pushing, we succeeded. That is why the picture is slightly off centre, and not everyone is looking right at the camera. Breakfast was awesome though, we went to Cora's just off Spring Garden road, mmmm Cora's.
Highlights from breakfast:
-arriving there on time, and everyone was already there sitting down, this has never happened to me with the rest of the EB, haha
-the amazing food, woot for ordering double meals, sharing food, and whip cream topped waffles and fruit
-laughing very hard, but I don't remember what at, probably making fun of each other
-talking about where we will be in 10 or 20 years, where will we meet up? Halifax? Malasia? Toronto?
-trying to take an EB picture in the lobby with everyone in it, unassisted
-walking all the way around the block unnecessarily, and then buying the new Joel Plaskett Album, Ashtray Rock, and explaining to everyone else why this is so important